Battle Glory - Mech Army War App Reviews

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Hello , just i wanna an uptate with bugfix (im french i dont very speak welle nglish) , i want soo musch play this geme but wheni open the game ,the games crash bugs pleease do an uptate

Update needed

Update for apple user. Please. Cant join city invasion with Version 2.2. There already using 2.6 thank you

Shadow blaze

Really good game ! I really like the tactics and the multiplayer action with teams! Look forwards to the new updates!


I like the game a lot, I recommend everyone play it!

Crashes too much

Im running this game on my iPod touch 4g. It crashes before I start and when I click the store. This is really annoying as I managed to Play once and it was great. If this bug gets fixed soon ill rate it 5 stars.....

Amazing game!

This game isnt that popular compared to clash of clans and boom beach. But this game is simmilar and better in many ways! You will not regret downloading this game at all!!!

Not bad

I am playing this game. Not bad. Good for recreation


Asome game but it chrashes it would be better if it dident help

Worst game ever

It wont even let me on to play it is horrible


I loved battle game now this update constantly closes on me without even touching the screen


The game exits out as soon as I try to close the ad. What the crap!! Fix this¿?

Cant even work

You can try to play but when you get rid of that add crash


Game crashes on start.Wasnt like this in previous game!!!! Fix please for 5 star

Fix it quick please! Restore the faith.

I like the new additions and the gameplay but the app is extremely unstable. My biggest complaint is the update banner stated my stats would be ported to the new platform and they were not. This should have been presented as an optional update rather than the hidden death knell that updating is because you cant go into the old platform. Youre stuck updating and risk losing all your progress. I sent a request thru their contact portal but have yet to receive help. At this point I have to start over. This didnt happen to the number one player. Just the little guys. So if you dont want to lose everything, dont hit update. Wait for better instructions or the improvements to come.

Great potential, but...

I have been able to play the game probably three or four times since the big update switch. Every time it gets logged in the game crashes. This needs to be fixed!!

The game WONT open

Ever sense the latest update my game wont open I rated it so high because I love the game but I cant play it.

Very bad!!!!! Very Bad!!!!!!!

very bad. very bad. frequent errors. I have a high level, but I can not get into the room again. this game is not recommended for download!!!! F*ck

Clash of clans rip off

Exactly like clash of clans

Why cant

Why cant we hack on fun games like this?

Battle of glory

I think this game is amassing

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