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Battle Glory - Mech Army War app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 4352 ratings )
Games Action Strategy
Developer: Ying Zhang
Current version: 4.03, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 30 Aug 2014
App size: 113.99 Mb

“Battle Glory is one of the best mobile games so far!" Critics claimed.
Have you always dreamt of commanding your own troops and sent them to the battles for that glorious victory? Now YOU CAN! In this game you will the be the ultimate Supreme Commander.You will build your own military base, train your own troops and produce your own planes, tanks and Humvees. You will plan your military campaigns, find the enemies and attack them. Experience the heart-pounding, nerve-breaking of combat in the palm of your hand!

Pros and cons of Battle Glory - Mech Army War app for iPhone and iPad

Battle Glory - Mech Army War app good for

Hello , just i wanna an uptate with bugfix (im french i dont very speak welle nglish) , i want soo musch play this geme but wheni open the game ,the games crash bugs pleease do an uptate
Really good game ! I really like the tactics and the multiplayer action with teams! Look forwards to the new updates!
This game isnt that popular compared to clash of clans and boom beach. But this game is simmilar and better in many ways! You will not regret downloading this game at all!!!

Some bad moments

Update for apple user. Please. Cant join city invasion with Version 2.2. There already using 2.6 thank you
Im running this game on my iPod touch 4g. It crashes before I start and when I click the store. This is really annoying as I managed to Play once and it was great. If this bug gets fixed soon ill rate it 5 stars.....
Asome game but it chrashes it would be better if it dident help
I loved battle game now this update constantly closes on me without even touching the screen
The game exits out as soon as I try to close the ad. What the crap!! Fix this¿?
Game crashes on start.Wasnt like this in previous game!!!! Fix please for 5 star